Pre-Made Antiqued Mirror - PG-HEAVY on 1/4" Clear Plate Glass

Product Code: 04A-PGH-14.CP

Pattern: PG HEAVY


Max Panel Size

  • Approximately 54" x 110" in 1/4" thickness
  • Approximately 60" x 84" in 1/8" thickness
  • Most glass sizes, thicknesses, and colors available. Call for more information. 

Natural Color: Polished clear glass. Applied silver patina. 


  • 1/4" (6mm) 3.3 lbs/sq.ft.
  • 1/8" (3mm) 1.6 lbs/sq.ft. 

Finish Options

  • Antiqued: light, medium, or heavy
  • Available on any glass type. Call for more information. 

Edge Finish Options: Matt polished, high polished, bevelled

Safety Options: Tempered / Annealed / Laminated


  • Max sheet size, pattern direction and colors may vary depending on glass thickness, safety options, fabrication yield, etc. 
  • Patterns, color hues, and alignment may vary due to the abstract nature of this product
  • Pricing may vary based on production run and fabrication requirements

Please contact Glass Artistry Sales for specific information and custom specification sheets. Call 847-998-5800.