Client and Custom Services

Our clients include interior designers, architects, graphics design firms, glass and glazing contractors, millwork contractors, specialty display and award companies, fixture designers, manufacturers of specialty materials and craftsmen of all types. 

Our unique product offering allows us to produce work for many types of clients. Glass Artistry specifically works within the trade and associated trades. We are not a retail operation. We welcome working with professional design firms and craftsmen of any trade or craft.

Our capabilities include:

  • Sandblasting and multi stage etching on glass, wood and plastics
  • Sculpting, shaping and hand carving of glass
  • Manufacturing of custom signage on wood, glass, plastics and many other mixed materials
  • Direct printing and application of printed digital films on glass
  • Back painting on glass of any desired color for any desired application
  • Dry erase magnetic marker boards are available in both standard and custom sizes ready to install
  • Antique leaf and custom antique mirror / silvering techniques applied on glass
  • Manufacturing of glass cases and cabinets of museum quality for displays of all sizes
  • Awards and presentation plaques / Donor recognition walls and plaques
  • Custom, artistic projects of all kinds
  • Working with any desired material as may be requested to create sculptures, large feature artworks, donor recognition walls and everything or anything out of the ordinary!